Choosing the Right Employees

A company has their own reasons when they choose to hire a person for a job position. They also have their own set of pre-employment screenings that they use in order to assess the applicants. Checking for criminal records is not the only reason why pre-employment screening is done; the main reason of the comprehensive background check is to make sure that the applicant that the company is eyeing is truly who they say they are, honest about their work experiences, with proper education and are licensed to perform the job they are required to do, and most importantly, of sound mind and body. Additionally, it helps to determine if the potential applicant is ok with working with a diverse workplace.

Not all jobs are the same, therefore as WorkSTEPS advises on its website, the criteria used to assess an applicant should differ to match the requirements that the job calls for. These tests are made to find out potential applicants that are most likely to take the available positions and to filter out those who do not fit the qualifications. There is a lot at stake for the company when they have failed to perform an extensive pre-employment screening: issues such as negligence referral, negligent hiring, and negligent retention has been on the rise. These issues can break a company, especially if they involve big money. Major employee failures could potentially ruin the company’s reputation.

Hiring an incompetent or under-experienced person for a job could cause preventable incidents such as workplace discrimination and accidents. Companies can lose a significant amount of money through workers’ compensation claims, especially since there is already an established assumption that the company already is aware of their employee’s behaviors and actions.  A serious lawsuit against a company could be fatal, leading to closure or in an event of an accident, severe injuries or death of an employee.

Poor hiring process could not only cost the company precious time and effort, but most importantly money. Employers are always understood to the ones liable for the actions of their employees, therefore taking reasonable steps in recognizing not only the potential risks of hiring an applicant but their compatibility to the position is vital for the success of a company, big or small.

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