Denied Long-Term Disability

Disability insurance can be essential to protect individuals and their families if they are facing a serious illness or injury, and they are unable to work. The unexpected loss of an income can threaten any sense of financial stability that an individual has created. They may no longer be able to afford their house payments, car payments, or even everyday bills and expenses. This can be a devastating loss, but long-term disability insurance aims to help lessen this burden by providing a supplemental income. Unfortunately, receiving these necessary disability benefits is a difficult and frustrating process, and many people, who have valid disability claims, are still denied. Often this is due to mistakes in their paperwork, a lack of proof of insurance, or technicalities in the process. However, some individuals are denied because the greed of insurance companies, who know they will save money if they deny claims. This illegal practice is a serious problem across the country that has recently been brought to light. The Northern California Record wrote about one such case that occurred in Los Angeles, California.

Central California resident, Jessica Huerta has decided to pursue a lawsuit against Prudential Insurance, after they wrongfully denied her long-term disability claim. Huerta suffers from scleroderma and a degenerative joint disease that causes debilitating pain. She is incapable of working due to this plain and other complications from these diseases. In 2015, Huerta applied for disability benefits, under her long-term disability policy with Prudential Insurance; however, her claim was quickly denied. According to Huerta’s long-term disability insurance plan, her disabilities should have been covered by the insurance provider, and Huerta could not understand why she would be denied. Her frustration and confusion led Huerta to seek legal advice, and after speaking with a lawyer, she decided to move forward with a lawsuit against the company. Her suit alleges that the company is in breach of contract and violation of the Employment Retirement Income Security Act.

Although Huerta filed her claim for long-term disability insurance in 2015, she is still struggling to receive the benefits she needs over two years later. During this time it is hard to say how she has been providing for herself and receiving the medical care that she needs. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon problem and many other people with disabilities across the country face similar situations. Insurance providers prey on these individuals, who are seeking their help, in order to make more money for themselves. We must find a way to prevent companies from continuing to use these underhanded and despicable tactics.

Fortunately, individuals can take steps to protect themselves during the filing process, to ensure that they are treated fairly and their case is handled with care. Long-term disability lawyers, such as Fields Law Firm, are prepared to help their clients throughout the filing process, and they can help ensure that these individuals receive the benefits they need. These lawyers have an in depth understanding of disability law and can help write an application that provides all essential information and is free of mistakes.

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