Unintended Consequences from Medical Supplements

There are many reasons why people take supplements; however, the FDA has recently issues an alert warning for those people who are using testosterone supplements. Although approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), there has been reports of users having increased risks of stroke, heart attacks, and even death. Topical testosterone supplements have been heavily marketed to men who are suffering from lower testosterone levels due to aging, yet the health risks of long term use has not been completely determined.

According to the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association or JAMA a link between testosterone supplements and the higher possibilities of heart attacks, death, and stroke. Even after just three years of use, the University of Colorado has determined that user have 30 percent more chances of experiencing stroke or heart attacks. Even more startling, the study also found out that men with otherwise clear and health coronary arteries has just about the same risks of heart attacks and stroke as those who are already suffering from coronary artery disease.

This has been the reason why there is an increase of testosterone supplement lawsuits, as the findings has alerted various consumer advocacy organizations in persuading the FDA to require the manufacturers of these testosterone supplements to issue a black box warning to help inform users of the potential health risks that they may experience when using the products.

Additionally, this is not the only medication that has been known to cause serious and life-threatening side effects to their consumers. As stated on the website of Williams Kherkher, users of Januvia (a prescription medication used by patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes) has also reported to have increased risks of getting pancreatitis or pancreatic duct metaplasia. These are both serious and life-threatening side effects that could be prevented through proper information. Because of this negligence on the part of the manufacturer, patients can file a lawsuit against them to cover for the injuries and damages that the prescription drug has caused. Just as with Januvia user,s those who have used testosterone supplements and have experience serious side effects have the right to sue for negligence.

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