A Valentine’s Day Surprise to Remember

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I am, and always will be, a romantic, and I enjoy watching the genuine smiles on other couple’s faces as they share the appreciation they have with one another. I also love getting to celebrate with that special someone every year. The best part of this romantic day is having an excuse to buy flowers and share a nice meal. Whether you cook at home or go out for fine dining, food is the essence of love, and flowers are some of the most beautiful things nature has to offer.

One year, I spent several hours creating one of the best surprises ever for my Valentine. I wrote on tiny pieces of paper all the reasons why I loved them so much, I jotted down my favorite memories we shared, and I wrote down compliments for them. I put each message in a balloon and blew the balloons up. Then, I put tiny glowsticks in each balloon. At first, I thought balloons with a dark color might look impressive with the mysterious glow coming from the center, but after testing it out, I decided to use white balloons so the color of the glowstick would be more apparent.

I had one problem though. To prepare all of the materials, I needed to start early. That means putting everything together but also making sure the glowing balloons looked perfect when it was time for the surprise. Glowsticks only stay lit for so long, so I had to figure out a method for preserving the glow while also having everything ready to go. The trick to this surprise, I soon discovered, was to put the glowsticks in the balloons before you break them, and don’t overfill the balloons with air. You want to have just enough air, so the balloons are big, but keep the material thick enough on the side of the balloon that you can grab and break the glowsticks right before your Valentine walks in. If there is too much air, the balloons pop quickly and you will have to start all over again.

With as many lovely messages as I had to share, I ended up with over thirty balloons. It only took me ten minutes to snap all of the glowsticks and shake them up, and my surprise was ready. My Valentine walked into the room with glowing balloons all over the place, and then we got to pop them all and read the tiny letters. It was extraordinary for me, and my Valentine loved it! Who doesn’t like to pop balloons, especially when there are little surprises inside each one?

I think one of the reasons my Valentine’s Day surprise went so well was because I was communicating with my loved one. Sharing words with one another can be difficult sometimes, but it’s essential to express your ideas openly and regularly if you want to stay on the same page. Relationships are never easy, but talking about your joys and concerns is a great way to understand each other better.

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